First Steps: Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Treatment & Recovery

When I was {self}diagnosed with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, the first thing I wanted to know was HOW do I recover? Can it be reversed and WHAT can I do today to make that happen? Below are the steps I took towards my Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Treatment & Recovery…


Step 1: Mindset

It’s SO important to get your frame of mind in the right place when you start on your journey. I remember feeling like everyone was going to notice that I was gaining weight. I was always known as the “healthy one” & now people were going to think I was “letting myself go“. So wrong.

Staying focused on the bigger picture is crucial to your recovery. Keeping a positive outlook isn’t going to be easy and some days will be down right MISERABLE, but I promise it will get easier. It was the hardest and took me many months of changing the way I thought about myself and my journey, but without it, there’s no way I would be a momma today.

Step 2: Track What You Eat


This may seem totally backwards to most struggling with HA, but I want you to look at this from a different angle. When I was in the depth of my struggle with HA, calorie counting had become second nature. There wasn’t anything that I would put in my body without knowing the exact amount of calories I was eating, constantly keeping a tally of my calorie intake at any given time. That is NOT what I want you to do in this step.

Tracking what you eat is done for a very short period of time {1-2 weeks} and for the sake of getting a visual of what you need to be consuming. I had been eating 1000-1200 calories a day, but knew that I needed to consume 2500-3000 a day if I was going to see the results I was looking for. I had no idea what that looked like, so I wrote it down to get a feel for just how much that actually was. EYE OPENING to say the least!

Step 3: Do a Closet Clean Out

Feeling comfortable in your new {healthy} body is not easy when your clothes don’t fit right. I made it a point to go through my closet and get rid of all the clothes I knew I would never {need to} fit into again. Keeping them will only make this process harder on you mentally. When your clothes no longer fit like they used to, it can make you feel really down on yourself. This is why replacing them with clothes that fit well will be SO much better for your mental health.

Shopping for new clothes, especially pants, can be stressful I know, but it truly will make a world of difference! Instead of looking at the size on the tag, go with what looks and feels good.

Step 4: Quality Food Matters


When you have HA your body is MAJORLY lacking in nutrients. It’s important you make sure to eat nutritious foods like whole milk dairy, good quality meats, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, avocados, starchy vegetables, dark leafy greens, antioxidant rich fruits and a fair amount of treats {hello dark chocolate!}. I’ll go into detail about what to eat in recovery in a later post.

Step 5: Ditch the Scale!


Weighing yourself  is not only going to be hard on you mentally, but it can really slow down the process. If you think you need to gain “X” pounds, then that’s all you’ll let yourself gain whether you realize it or not.

Getting rid of the scale, listening to your body and giving it the nourishment/rest it needs is so freeing. I know this part is hard, it was for me too, but I know you can do it and will feel great when you do!

I could go into so much more, but I will stop there so I don’t overwhelm you…

The steps above can be really tough for many, but they are equally important in their own right. Take them one at a time and move at a pace that feels good to you. This is YOUR journey, it’s import to always remember that.



P.S. Make sure to download your copy of The HA Recovery Resource Guide for helpful stats, tips & inspiration!