Why recovering before having a baby matters.

For so many going through recovery from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, having a baby is the end goal. The reason for turning their world upside down. I get the strong desire to be pregnant NOW and how that can keep some from fully recovering first, before seeking treatment. But it truly is so important to recover before having a baby and here’s why…

First and foremost, your future children.

They need a momma who no longer struggles with self-confidence. A momma who will teach them what it means to truly love and respect yourself. A momma who fought hard and came out a better person for it. A momma who will teach her children anything is possible, with hard work and determination.

I know for some, treatment is inevitable, but I still think you owe it to yourself and your future children to give recovery your all before taking that step.

So on the hard days, when you want to give up on recovery and turn to medication for a quick fix, remember your future children…what kind of momma do you want to be?

Second, your physical health.

I’ve seen it happen so many times before. Someone in the HA circle dips her toe in and goes half way, but the desire for a baby and fear of the unknown keep her from fully embracing the journey. She seeks treatment before fully recovering. She get’s pregnant. But her health has not improved.

So after the baby comes, so do her old patterns and habits. She’s back to square one. No period. Brittle hair & nails. Fear of food. Pushing herself to the max trying to lose the baby weight instead of spending time with her precious gift. Fighting her demons yet again.

Your physical health is worth this journey, even if you still have to seek treatment in the future. Getting yourself to a healthy, fertile place will enhance your life in countless ways long after your baby-making years. Put yourself and your health first sweet friend.

Lastly but just as important, your mental health.

I cannot stress this enough, recovery of your mental health is one of the best things your can do for yourself. When you get your mind in a good state, everything else falls into place. You will see your recovery for what it is: a beautiful journey. You will be able to overcome and accept the frustrations that come your way. And you will be grateful.

Getting your mind right & seeing yourself for who you truly are, will do wonders for your recovery. You will come out stronger and better than ever. It takes work and diligence, but the world that will open up for you when you get this part right is truly amazing.

So before you give up on your journey…

Remember these things. Hold tight to the truth of what I’m telling you and trust this process and it’s timing. I know how it feels to want a baby so badly it’s hard to see anything else. But I promise, fully recovering before having a baby matters. It truly does.

I wouldn’t be able to love my babies as fiercely as I do. Or love and respect myself the way I do now. I wouldn’t be proud of my body’s ability to heal after all the damage I had done.

Don’t give up, I have so much faith in you friend…