How Your Skin Care Products Affect Your Fertility

Can your skin care products affect your fertility? Absolutely! Most women today use on average 12 products a day and about 80% of them think that what they are using is safe, when in fact they are not. And the toxins in these products play a BIG role in hormone disruption and infertility.

It’s unfortunate, but labels like “All Natural” don’t exactly mean the product is safe for you.

Often times these products still carry harmful ingredients {even if they are natural!} that may affect your endocrine system, infertility & chances of cancer. Looking for products that contain safe ingredients is key. So this may mean that some of these ingredients aren’t necessarily found in nature, but they are Non-Toxic…which is what we’re should be focused on.

Our skin is our largest organ and everything we put on it get’s absorbed into our bloodstream, so choosing safe products is SUPER important. For the past 10 years, I’ve been very aware of the products I use but never really knew how much they affected my fertility until I started to look a little deeper into the subject…

Many ingredients found in beauty & skin care products contain high levels perfluorinated chemicals {or PFC’s}. PFC’s are toxins that are very dangerous to our health & fertility. Some studies have shown that women who come in contact with PFC’s have a 60-154% higher risk of infertility. Scary stuff!

There are a few companies today that are really trying to make a difference in the products they make, but I’ve found that Beautycounter has by far exceeded most!


When I was first introduced to Beautycounter I was blown away by the integrity of the company and have been very pleased with the products I’ve used {and I’ve tried a lot of them!}.

Beautycounter’s Mission: is “To get SAFER products into the hands of everyone” and they do this by staying true to their values and their Never List {the ingredients they have vowed to NEVER use}.

Even if you’re not struggling with infertility, I highly recommend going through the products you’re currently using and compare the ingredients to the list of ingredients on the Never List mentioned above.



***This post was not sponsored, the above is a representation of my own thoughts and research.***