What “True HA Recovery” means to Me…

With each woman that faces HA recovery, comes a different story and journey. The things that worked for me may not work for others and visa versa. There are different ideas and thoughts on what going “all in” looks like, when to seek out treatment and what’s most important when trying to recover from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea.

After going through my own journey and helping others to do the same, I’ve come to realize what “True HA Recovery” means to me. These are my opinions and I by no means want to discredit what recovery looks like to others, but my hope is to help those who are struggling to stay the course.

  • It’s giving 100% of yourself to yourself, putting yourself and your health above your looks and what you fear others will think & say.
  • It’s saying no to the negative thoughts about yourself and yes to self-love.
  • It’s treating yourself with grace and kindness, like you would your best friend.
  • It’s focusing on the life that awaits to get you through the hard days.
  • It’s looking in the mirror and seeing all your beauty, not your flaws.
  • It’s no longer being consumed by what and how much you eat.
  • It’s no longer exhausting yourself at the gym in order to achieve that “perfect body”.
  • It’s being grateful for the journey and the lessons it has to teach you.

True HA Recovery doesn’t mean that you’re cycling like clockwork and able to conceive naturally.

It’s means that your mind, heart & soul have healed to the point of releasing the negative self-talk and in it’s place self-love remains. It means that even though you may still have to seek treatment to become a momma, you will never fall back into your old ways.

It means that food & exercise no longer have a hold on you. You eat because food is nourishment to your body and enjoyable. You exercise to keep your organs, muscles and bones strong and healthy. Not to manipulate the scale.

True HA Recovery means you’re free from the weight HA brings and truly able to live life to it’s fullest.

And that is truly what I want for you, no matter how your journey ends. My hope is that you learn to love yourself enough to let go of the control you’ve had for so long and allow a new way of living to unfold.

If a girl like me can get through this, I have so much faith that you can too. Let go of what was and embrace what is to come. Leave the fear of the unknown behind and trust in your journey. Keep your eyes focused on healing your heart, mind & soul and your body will follow…